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    IMEI on DH55TC/HC mobos?


      Hi, I have a DH55TC/i3-530 running as a headless server with a Slackware-based OS.


      I also have a DH55HC/i5-650 running as a desktop machine with ubuntu (natty).


      Now, if I understand correctly, both of these boards incorporate IMEI facilities and that should allow such things as remote BIOS configuration and console interface redirection.  If I could get this working, it would save me having to find a keyboard and monitor everytime I wish to perform some maintenance on the headless machine.  I also gather that there is a browser-based user interface to the IMEI functionality, which ought to be OS independant.


      I am confused by various references to Windows drivers for individual parts of the IMEI suite.  If IMEI is supposed to work on an un-booted machine, where do the OS-dependant drivers come into the picture?  Are they needed on the 'controlling machine?  Do they offer additional functionality over the browser-based interface?  I have also come across a free program (rview) which claims to interface to IMEI - could I run this under wine?


      I have managed to turn IMEI on in the server machine, and can hit ^p to enter some configuration screens.  Some of these screens tell me to configure the network interface, but I can't find any screens with network settings.


      Certainly, if I point my browser at the server with the prescribed port number I don't get a connection.  This is as far as I've got, with no obvious route forwards.


      Can anyone help to fill in the enormous gaps in my knowledge on this topic and explain what I need to do to get it working for me