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    Need an expert advice on Intel 6-x series chipset!

      I have bought the Intel 6 series motheboard (GA-H67MA-UD2H, rev.1.0 - stepping B2).
      In two months i'v got all SATA 3GB ports degraded, that is,
      hard disks connected to SATA 3GB do not work and do not appear in the motherboard's BIOS.
      I brought the MB back to seller in order to get the equivalent new MB replacement..
      But the seller has found some damages inside the processor socket
      (of not mechanical origin) and refused with the replacement reasonning that
      the damage was the cause of the SATA ports malfunction.
      So i need an expert explanation.
      Can it be that the SATA-2 malfuction
      is somehow connected to the processor socket damage?
      Note. The damage in question do not affect anyhow the motherboard's performance.
      The mothrerboard starts and function porperly (with the exception i mentioned above).
      The damage is - there's no M23 ping at all in CPU socket.
      (look up here - page 21, "Thermal Mechanical Specifications and Design Guidelines (TMSDG)"