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    Centrino Wireness N 1030 poor performance!!


      Hi guys, bought a new dell xps 15 a month ago and its wirelss perfomance is shocking, but not all the time, I have used pingtest.net to test the onboard wireless against a usb adapter I sometimes have to plug in to get any decent connection. The problem seems to be 'ping and jitter' not an expert on what they are but using the pingtest.net I fail the test with a ping and jitter in the hundereds on one occasion it went over 1500 for each, no idea what they mean but I was shocked none the less. Tested against the connection my usb adapter gives me I score in the teens and early 20s which is a pass with flying colours. So its not my home connection its the centrino card but its performance has occasions of normality so I need help in discovering what is comprimising its performance half the time? Could it be software on my system? Something that runs in the background occasionally that it just can't deal with?