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    DH67BL random boot failures


      Hi all, I have a strange problem.

      My system is  DH67BL M/board

      Bios Version  BLH6710H.86A.0076.2010.1115.1959, 15/10/2010

      CPU : Core i5 2300 2.8Gig

      8 Gig Ram

      Win7 x64 Ultimate

      Drive 0;  WD 1Tb,

      Drive 1:  Samsun 1Tb

      External WD 1Tb Mybook


      Sometimes when I reboot after say a Software update I get a NTDLR missing message. which does not recover without my intervention

      The system bios is set to boot from drive0  first, then the DVD drive and the other two are there but neither has a boot sector so should Not come into play

      But it appears the Bios is trying to boot from one of the non boot drives. I can fix it by hitting F10 and boot time and selecting the boot drive from the menu or go in and reset the boot order in the Bios.

      The only clue I can offer is that drive 1 Samsung had an x32 Win7 operating systen, when I installed x64 on drive 0,  but it has since been reformated, and I wondered if the Intel Boot manager still thinks it should be in it's list ?


      Any help would be much appreaciated