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    Inspiron N5010 & Esata Connectivity Issues


      Hello to all,


      I own an inspiron N5010 ( i7)  and recently i purchased an external esata capable HDD. ( APACER AC601 320GB ).

      AHCI Is enabled In BIOS.

      Driver Used is : Intel 5 Series 6 PORT SATA AHCI Controller Version


      Issue : Drive is found on windows BUT transfer rates is about 100-200 KB per second. And yes, it's not an error , KILOBYTES.


      When using standard AHCI driver, the transfer rates are up to 50MB  per second BUT it seems that i'm losing speed in my internal HDD.


      I think that in order for windows to work as fast and accurate as  possible , the intel driver is the best choice. But i cannot use my  external drive in Esata mode with this driver.

      My operating system is win7 x64.


      Anybody to help ?


      PS : With older driver version,, speed was OK but  everytime i tried to copy something, win explorer hangs in the middle of  the copy. In general, with this driver, system was unstable when  connecting the esata drive.


      Thanks !