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    Selecting the right processor for a workstation


      Hi guys,


      I'm planning to purchase a workstation that will run Autodesk Autocad, Inventor, 3Ds Max, DS Solidworks, Adobe Programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator etc, but i'm quite confuse on which is the best choice of processors to select from.


      From intel's website i see different types of processors ranging from the newest Sandy Bridge - E3 Xeon / i7/i7 Extreme/ Westmere range/ QPI/DMI etc....

      Somehow i see that Sandy bridge processors are much cheaper compared to Westmere while for E3 Xeon and i7 range of Sandy Bridge is there a vast difference in terms of performance, it looks pretty close from what i see in the datasheet.


      Looking at processors with atleast 4 Cores / better suggestions.

      I'm looking for a performance based workstation that could really make a difference for my workflow.

      The graphic card that i'm currently looking at is either Nvidia 2000/ Nvidia 4000 with GPU based.


      Please do advice,

      Thank you for helping