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    HD graphics generating BSOD with 8 GB memory on Win 7 x64, i5


      I have a DELL laptop - E6410 with

      brand new installation of Windows 7 x64 SP1

      i5 dual core with VGA+ laptop monitor

      8 GB 1066Mhz memory (2x4GB)


      I am constatly getting BSOD with any version of HD graphis driver. Tried using current 2361; also latest from DELl version 2281; and other versions people have pointed to in this dicussion group e.g. 2219, 2342 etc.  Sometimes it will generate BSOD right after the reboot, somthimes working after few hours. There is no specific pattern I can identify.


      The only time I don't get BSOD is when using 4GB or less memeory with the above configuration.  I don't see any problem with the memory itself as I have tried both modules independently without any problem.  I ahve also run memtest86 and other memory diagnostics tool provided by DELL on full *GB memory with no errors.


      So, has anyone running into the similar issue? anyone has it working with 8GB memory?  Any guidance or fix to make it work?


      Thanks for your help.