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    How do I modify OpenGL settings for Intel HD Graphics?


      I just moved from a Lenovo T61 to a Lenovo T410. Now I am struggling with the graphics settings.


      In the T61 I could open the Properties window of the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Driver, which gives a number of OpenGL settings like this:

      SL OpenGL Settings.jpg


      Now in the (more powerful) T410, I only have a rudimentary window that is totally useless, because it is lacking critical options:




      Specifically, there are two settings that are important for me:


      1. How do I convince the HD driver to "Force S3TC compression"?
      2. How do I set the "Driver Memory Footprint" to "High"? Is this the same as "Texture Quality" set to "Quality"?


      Both these settings are important because I have software that used to run and does not run anymore, just because of poor graphics engine performance. In other words, the programs are performing normally except for extremely slow display updates, much like the T61 driver performed before I changed the two settings.


      I cannot imagine that Intel dumbed down the driver to make it unusable, despite the stronger hardware. Please help!

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          You are surprised? No AF at all (not working), no AA option and so on. They even removed the last options as you already mentioned because they can't get it to work at all . So they decided to remove all advanced options. Even their texture performance and quality options are a piece of ****. It only changes the Lod which is pure nonsense. Quality does mean Lod -1 for Intel, that's ridiculous.

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            Yes, unfortunately I have come to the conclusion that "piece of ****" is exactly what best describes Intel Graphics nowadays. The system had become completely unusable by the efforts of the team that dumbed down the driver ... with the effect that what used to (barely) run on older versions does not run anymore. So I had to get rid of it and am now using something else.


            One very dissatisfied ex-customer here who now is avoiding Intel Graphics at all costs! I can only warn anyone who is using anything remotely graphics intensive (even Flash games) to chose another manufacturer.