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    SATA1 Only on Mobile Intel 945 Express chipset


      I have an HP dv9000 that is several years old but I recently installed Windows 7 and an SSD and after some research discovered that the "Notebook" version of the Mobile 945 xpress chipset would only support SATA1 speeds (150Gbps). Does anyone know if there is anyway to manipulate this 945/ICH7 system to run SATA2? It is always running on AC power which seems to be the major reasoning for SATA1.


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          See the Intel® 82801GBM I/O Controller datasheet. It indicates the Interface Speed Support (ISS), the  maximum speed the interface can support, is 3.0 Gb/s for the Desktop version of the ICH7 only. The Mobile version supports an ISS of 1.5 Gb/s.




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            Thanks John for your quick reply! That is not always the "Norm" on alot of forums out there so I gotta give Intel a BIG "Thumbs Up" for that.


            I was sure hoping for a way to run this laptop a little faster although it really cruzes along for an older machine(got it with XP installed). I guess I'll have to blame HP for not thinking ahead and giving their products a little more room to grow, they don't even support installing Windows 7 on this computer and it runs better now than it ever has(with a little help from the SSD).


            FYI...I have always been a faithful Intel user and your new support forum ROCKZ.

            Thanks Again