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    Problem with add graphic card D845GLAD




           I have had a problem with my board and I don't know where can be problem. I have Intel D845GLAD motherboard, 2 x DDR 266 MHz 512 MB modules, Pentium 4 2,8/512/400, integrated video card Intel Extreme graphic accelerator and the latest bios version downloaded from Intel Support web. I buy Sparkle GeForce 8400 GS 256MB to PCI and if I install it to the motherboard the start is allright. I try to go to the bios and here was everything allright and automaticaly change for the PCI graphic card.

           After boot the XP SP2 they find new device and want the drivers. I have install it and here born the problem. PC is so slow. After long boot I try TaskManager and it show to me the CPU load >80 percent. Everything is so slow. In run process I can't find anythink, which can so load the processor. After deinstall the drivers is everythink allright, but the graphic card is like unnamed VGA device.

           I also try SP3 and complete reinstalation of the XP's. Nothing help. I don't know where can be the problem.