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    Where is the NMI handler?




      I want to make the SCCLinux on a core do something when an NMI interrupt is signalled.

      I have looked at some kernel code, and found out that it has an interrupt handler function(rckmb_interrupt()) at drivers/net/rckmb.c.

      However, I have done some tests and I think that rckmb_interrupt() function only responds to INTR interrupts and not NMI interrupts.


      So I'm having a hard time trying to find out where in the kernel code the NMI interrupt handler routine is.

      Does anyone know about this?


      Thank you.

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          Sorry, I am not a Linux programmer, but please be very careful with intercepting and "handling" Non Maskable Interrupts.


          They are NMI's becuse the failure is so great that it can't be corrected and may lead things worse than the system crashing like maybe the HDD writing over the boot sector.


          Use with care!