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    upgrade to dual core



      I'm a newbie and need some help.  I bought an E6500 (wolfdale) to replace my 640 3.2mhz (prescott).  They're both use 775 socket.  But after installed the new one, i saw all fans spinning, harddrive noise but nothing else, no signal on monitor and no front light (on on-off button).  Can some one point to me what I should do?  PC is an emachine T5088.  I asked the tech before I buoght the E6500 at Frys, he said it should be ok.

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          Please contact eMachine* and ask them if your eMachine* motherboard supports the E6500, please keep in mind that the fact that 2 processors are based on socket 775 does not necessarily make them compatible to a particular motherboard. That is the reason that you first need to contact the motherboard manufacturer, so they can provide you a list of fully supported processor models.