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    E5300 2.6 Ghz - Temperature



      I have had E5300 for a year and a half now and it is quite a good processor. But today I was checking its temperature via SpeedFan and Core 0 and Core 1 temperatures were 40/41 in idle and 70/75 when I am playing a game. I do think those temperatures are quite high and I am worried about my processor because of them. Do you have any suggestions? Should I apply Cooling Paste or start saving money for a new  processor? Thanks in advance!


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          If you check your CPU spec. http://ark.intel.com/Product.aspx?id=35300

          You will fing the Tcase (max) is listed as 74.1

          The software tool is reading Tcore with is normally ~ 5-10°C higher than Tcase.

          So at 70/75 your most likly still below the high end limit.

          Do you notice any lag after playing for awhile?

          This could indicate the CPU is throttling which it will do to prevent any damage to the CPU.



          It is starting to get close to the max tempeature so you could check a few things.

          • Is the heat sink fan and system fans clear of dust?
          • Does the computer have good air flow and clear air inlet and outlets?

          (I saw one the other day with air inlets on the bottom sitting on a thick carpet. Didn't cool well till we put a thin board under it)

          • Is the heat sink down tight?
          • If you want remove the heatsink to check \ replace the therimal grease,
            1. Make sure the grease is still sticky not dried out.
            2. Clean off all old grease before applying new
            3. a thin coat of grease is better than a thick coat of grease. Most people put it on too thick ans it cause more problems.


          You could also look at an after market heat sink. The stock heat sink works very well for most applications, but if your over clocking or just concerned about the tempeature, a good aftermarket heatsink will get you ~ 10 degs. more cooling.