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    Intel Multi-Server Manager Experience


      I don't see any other discussions on this software, so I will start one.


      My first impressions are that this looks decent, but the documentation is relatively sparse and I ran into a few problems.  I have this installed on Linux.


      (1) I can't find any way to trigger a test event to test out the email policies or email server settings.  Further, triggering an actual event (suppy power failure) results in no emails sent.  Log files are not documented so this is nearly impossible to resolve currently.  Even looking through the logs that I could find, I couldn't find anything related to email.


      (2) No documentation on which network ports are necessary for the MSMAgent.  In fact, the MSMAgent installation on Linux removes all firewall rules!  This is unacceptable.


      (3) Mail server address field refuses to accept a '-' character in a host name.  Must use the IP address instead.


      This could be useful software, but currently it is relatively useless for actual system monitoring - unless item #1 can be addressed.

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          Thanks for the comments.  I am the product line manager for this product and have sent your comments to the engineering team to be looked at.  I want this product to be useful so while obviously I don't want to see negative feedback, I really appreciate and need it to be successful.  This is the first ever release of this software and will continue to improve over time.


          Please also continue to provide feedback on features you would like to see added to this product.




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            Jason Tan



            Item# 1, good point on the test e-mail. We will make sure that this gets communicated back to the product teams for inclusion/consideration on the subsequent builds. As for the other concern you have about not getting an e-mail from a power supply failure, I am interested to know more about how you tested the failure. What was your configuration (server board/system , firmware, operating system build) ? Were there events in the system event log that suggest a power failure occured ? What is your e-mail configuration (mail server used) ?


            Item# 2, we will investigate this.


            Item#3, this is currently a known limitation.


            & I echo Brian's comment about providing feedback to us which would really help us improve our software.


            - Jason

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              I have some more comments.  I also installed Active System Console 4.4 on this system and setup email alerts there as well.  This is an Intel S5520HC board, SC5600BRP chassis, firmwares were just updated as of last week and the OS is CentOS 5.6.


              I am testing power supply failure by just unplugging one of the power supplies.  I receive no emails from either ASC or MSM.  The email server is configured using an IP address.  No password is required to send mail, but I am entering a dummy user account/password anyway.  The mail server is running postfix.


              The attached screenshot of MSM shows that the open events are displayed for the server but MSM still shows the server as ok.  It took about 10 minutes before MSM actually updated and changed the status to reflect the open events.  Even after the status updated I didn't receive any emails.


              ASC is also very slow.  It takes quite a while (30+ seconds) for the Dashbord icons to appear or any of the other data items to appear after clicking on the appropriate link.


              I have not yet tried sending email directly from the BMC.

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                I also forgot to mention that I had problems with the ASC install.  It was missing a dependency (libxslt.so.0) but installed anyway.  Also the lighttpd configuration was incorrect, I had to edit /etc/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf and change the server.document_root and server.document-root to "/var/www/asc", it was set to "/var/www" as installed.

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                  Jason Tan

                  Hello, the issue with the 'libxslt.so' as well as the loading of the dashboard during inital load is a known issue as documented in the release notes of the application. As for the lighttpd.conf, wondering if this was a CentOS* specific variable, or maybe not. The RHEL & SUSE installs do not have this issue as I can recall.

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                    Jason Tan

                    Hello, just wanted to close on item#2 here, there are two ports that are being used by the Intel(R) Multi Server Manager, port 9393 which is used by the web server & port 7777 used by agent to be discovered/managed by MSM. We are in the process of adding this to our documentation & again appreciate that you highlighted this.


                    Also, we ran some various tests for different supported operating systems, Microsoft* Windows, RedHat* Linux & SuSE* Linux & based on our tests, none of which changed the firewall rules/settings.

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                      Not sure if this is quite the right place to post as I am trying to get ASC going rather than MSM but my problems and hardware are almost identical to jweage's - ASC 4.4 on an Intel S5520HC board and SC5600BRP chassis, but running Windows 2008 R2. I had no install issues. The refreshes are slow for me too.


                      I am also unable to get any email alerts in what is a pretty straightforward network and mail server setup with Exchange. I have tried the mail server's name, FQDN and IP address, and configured a dummy UserID and Password (the mail server doesn't require authentication but ASC requires you to put something in. BTW please add a "My server does not require authentication" tickbox to the email setup screen). The mail server name has no odd characters, it's just "mailserv".


                      In the absence of an email test button (please add) I have also resorted to pulling the power cable on one of the supplys to generate system events. These show up in the ASC console on the server but no emails arrive at the configured recipient address.


                      The install doesn't appear to have changed the Windows Firewall setup. I can't find any documentation on that - are there requirements to make this work?


                      Also, what is the difference between the default "All Events" and "All Critical Events" items in the Advnaced Email setup? They both have all boxes ticked at the bottom and there are no options for filtering the event types. Are the filters built in somehow?


                      My overall impression is that ASC has a definite version 1 feel but it looks like it could be a good tool with further development. ISC was at the right level for us but MS System Center is over the top. ASC looks like the next monitoring tool for our environment - 12 Intel servers over 2 sites.




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                        Jason Tan

                        Hello Guy,


                        As for the refresh issue, the initial load of the dashboard usually takes sometime, however, subsequent loads should be fairly reasonable (approx. < 1minute)


                        As for the e-mail questions you have, I agree setting it up is pretty straight-forward, the real challenge is getting it to generate an alert. Per the previous post, the 'test e-mail' function has been requested to be added to the next major build of the software, this is currently being scoped. For the actual issue you are encountering, give me sometime to check on this one.


                        You meant the ports being used ? Ports 9393 (web server) & 7777 (MSM agent use) are being used - , we are in the process of documenting it in our user manuals.


                        There should be a way to filter the alerts per component (application, memory, etc ..) Is it just not showing up ? What browser are you using ? Try it w/ Mozilla* Firefox or Google* Chrome to see if the option appears.


                        We really appreciate the feedback.



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                          Hi Jason


                          I haven't been able to get any email alerts despite what I do in the email setup screens. I don't think event generation is a problem. When I pull the power supply, events show up in the ASC log, its just that there are no email alerts. See attached configuration screenshot.


                          I see the component options in the Advanced Email setup screen and can configure alerts accordingly. What I meant in the first post is there aren't any options to configure by event severity despite the default names being "All Events" and "All Critical Events" which imply that you can.


                          I'm using IE8 on the server to view ASC. I'm not trying to get remote connections from a PC going yet - presumably the port information you gave me refers to that scenario. What I was getting at regarding ports was whether anything is required to allow outbound mail from the server to the mail server.




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                            I think IASC uses the well-known SMTP port - TCP port 25. If your mail server is configured to receive mail on a different port, email alerts may not work properly.

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                              Jason Tan

                              Hello Guy, we have replicated your issue with Microsoft* Exchange and is in the process of root causing it, depending on what we find out, it maybe as simple as a patch that we can post on Intel's downloadcenter (so that no re-install is required), or a new build. I will keep you posted.


                              On the alerts questions, unfortunately there is not, you are correct on that. Would be a good feature request to add.


                              As for the e-mail port, Edward's response captured it.


                              Will keep you posted then.





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                                I'm having the same issues pointed out so far with e-mail alerts along with some others. I actually can't even seem to get an event triggered. I have tested this also by unplugging one power supply and this does not log an event. It is logging other events such as startups/shutdowns/logins.


                                Also, the 2 servers that I have it monitoring so far are listed as critical status due to the below HSBP temp. As you can see the reading is within the normal range yet for some reason its status is critical. When I view the dashboard for these servers it shows POWER status as good even though they are both short 1 power supply as I test for ane vent.


                                Both of the servers are the S5000PAL platform.




                                HealthyCPU1 VRD TempLIMIT_NOT_EXCEEDED
                                HealthyMem Therm Margin-29.000000NOT SUPPORTEDNOT SUPPORTED4.0000008.000000
                                HealthyP1 Therm Ctrl %0.000000NOT SUPPORTEDNOT SUPPORTEDNOT SUPPORTED49.530000
                                HealthyP1B Therm Margin-56.000000NOT SUPPORTEDNOT SUPPORTEDNOT SUPPORTEDNOT SUPPORTED
                                HealthyP1 Therm Margin-60.000000NOT SUPPORTEDNOT SUPPORTEDNOT SUPPORTEDNOT SUPPORTED
                                HealthyCtrl Panel Temp24.0000000.0000005.00000044.00000048.000000
                                HealthyServerboard Temp31.0000005.00000010.00000061.00000066.000000
                                CriticalHSBP Temp25.0000000.0000005.00000050.00000054.000000


                                Hoping this software gets some patches to make it more useful because I would like to have something like this going if it worked properly.



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                                  Jason Tan

                                  We now have release a patch to fix the e-mail alerting issue. The file(s) are available in the links below


                                  Intel(R) Multi Server Manager (MSM) 1.0 Patch - http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&DwnldID=20172

                                  Intel(R) Active System Console (IASC) Patch – http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&DwnldID=20173


                                  Also, the user guide(s) & release note (included in the download package) have been updated to document the TCP port information as earlier requested. They are available on the following links :


                                  MSM -> http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/server/sysmgmt/sb/CS-032368.htm

                                  IASC -> http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/server/sysmgmt/sb/CS-030909.htm


                                  As for the S5000PAL issue, have you tried updating the FRU information of the system board & then clearing SEL as well as deleting entries in the IASC/MSM database ?

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                                    Regarding the issue with CentOS and the lighttpd.conf file problem, CentOS is equivalent to RHEL.  Maybe the install packages/scripts do not recognize it as such?  I've uninstalled/installed ASC a couple of times and see the same issue with the path not being set correctly.


                                    I tried the patch and it did not resolve the email alert issue for me.  I see that ASC is attempting to send an email, but my mail server indicates that something is incorrect:


                                    Jun 22 14:43:33 srv1 postfix/smtpd[22388]: connect from unknown[]

                                    Jun 22 14:43:34 srv1 postfix/smtpd[22388]: warning: non-SMTP command from unknown[]: Subject: Alert from vs2.ansa-usa.com

                                    Jun 22 14:43:34 srv1 postfix/smtpd[22388]: disconnect from unknown[]

                                    Jun 22 14:43:34 srv1 postfix/smtpd[22390]: connect from unknown[]

                                    Jun 22 14:43:34 srv1 postfix/smtpd[22390]: warning: non-SMTP command from unknown[]: Subject: Alert from vs2.ansa-usa.com

                                    Jun 22 14:43:34 srv1 postfix/smtpd[22390]: disconnect from unknown[]

                                    Jun 22 14:43:34 srv1 postfix/smtpd[22388]: connect from unknown[]

                                    Jun 22 14:43:34 srv1 postfix/smtpd[22388]: warning: non-SMTP command from unknown[]: Subject: Alert from vs2.ansa-usa.com

                                    Jun 22 14:43:34 srv1 postfix/smtpd[22388]: disconnect from unknown[]


                                    Also, is there a way to change the admin password from the command line?

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