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    Intel 82566DC Gigabit Network Connection


      Intel 82566DC Gigabit Network Connection


      Hello, How is Everyone Today?

      I tried to update the driver for this device, using this link:  http://www.intel.com/p/en_US/support/detect/


      But It instructs me to unistall the current driver.

      When I try to do that in, the Device Manager, the device is removed from the list.

      Then the link above nolonger works.




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          Try this:

          1. Save the file you need for the upgrade on your computer. (Use Save option instead of using run.)
          2. Uninstall the old Intel Network Connections software using Windows control panel, remove programs
          3. Run the file you saved in step 1.


          I hope this helps.


          Mark H

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            Hi Mark,

            Thank You,


            If Its not too much trouble could you take a look at this. The Versions do not match. What I have installed Listed in Add Remove Programs



            Intel Driver Update Utility tells me the current driver installed is


            Newer Driver available is


            However when I download the file, save it, and right click properties and check the version it comes up


            Any Ideas ?




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              The version is just a version number for the installer and is not related to the Intel(R) Network Connections version or the driver version. You can (and should) ignore this number.


              The driver is one of the files that is just one part of the Intel Network Connections software release. The driver version never matches the Intel Network Connections version number. The Intel Network Connections major number, the number before the decimal point, is increased each year. This year we are on 16, and yours is 11. Therefore, yours was from 5 years ago, 2006.


              The new "driver" version shown in the online utiltiy is really the newer version of Intel(R) PROSet for Windows Device Manager. Intel PROSet adds tabs to your adapter properties in Windows Device Manager to allow you to run diagnostics, provide help for configuratin settings, and to enable advanced network services.


              Upgrades from very old versions of the software do not get tested and are blocked to help ensure that nothing bad happens when attempting to upgrade from a very old version. That is why you have to uninistall the version 11 network connections before you install the new version.


              The latest base driver for your network connection is version That is the driver version you will see in your device properties after installing the new package. If you look at the Link Speed tab after installing the new package, you will see the new Intel PROSet version, The Intel Network Connections version in your programs list will also say version


              The file you have is the correct file for any 32-bit version of Windows, so you can proceed with uninstalling the old version and then installing the new version.


              I hope this helps.


              Mark H

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                Thank You


                The Only Issue Im having now, Is The External Drive ( driver )

                USB Mass Storage Device


                I cannot find the update, even though there is one available ?


                All my other drivers are up to date.


                Thanks Mark