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    Boot problem on linux with DH57JG


      Hi everybody!

      First of all excuse me for my bad English but it's not my first language, here is my problem, I have computer with motherboard DH57JG and i5 660 processor and ram HyperX Genesis 2x2 Gb. My OS is Ubuntu 11.04, my problems began after I upgrade my OS from Ubuntu 10.10 to 11.04, here follow description of my problems:

      - I can boot only in recovery mode, system never recognize video card

      - In bios I cannot see real time temperature

      - I've tried to upgrade bios to latest version (current installed version from manufacturer 0537) but system crash when I press enter confirm to upgrade bios, I've tryed 2 way to upgrade by USB pressing F7 on startup and with cd with ISO burned, both give me same result.

      -To shutdown I have to take pressed for several seconds power button, from os never worked.


      There is a way to resolve my problems or I have to retorn it to my reseller?


      thanks in advance for help



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          Try to use a dvi to vga adapter to your display.


          Install windows on another drive.. You could install your BIOS from there.. even thought it's not so recommended!

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            Thanks for answering Patrice,

            I've not specified but I already use a monitor connected to dvi, I do not use HDMI connection.

            It's a problem for me install windows

            Btw do you think that upgrade bios will resolve my problem? I read in other posts that a lot of people have returned motherboard to resellers


            Thanks again