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    Gaming bugs and glitches with Intel HD graphics anyone?


      Anyone suffered graphic bugs/glitches when gaming with Intels integrated HD graphics GPU? I'm sure it's not only me. Will start with the first few games regarding HD3000 on i5-2500k with newest drivers,



      - Tropico 3: the water is messed up, screens below /Update: fixed with




      - Trackmania United/Forever: graphic glitches with motion blur enabled (first two screens below with motion blur, last two without)






      - Oblivion: when playing with HDR enabled only a bluish picture over the entire screen



      - Final Fantasy XIV Benchmark: it lags like hell for some reason (if asked for I capture a video, but you can search for AMDs LLano video, they used this glitch to promote Llanos multithreading performance, it's exactly the same) /Update: almost no lags with


      - Farming Simulator 2011: crashing or not loading with graphic setting medium and high, only workable with lowest graphic setting


      - Fear, Arcania, Oblivion, GTR 2, Dragon Age: anisotropic filtering not applied when enabled in control center (this bug is endless, looks like AF in control center is more  a placebo option actually)



      That's my first reporting. Feel free to post more bugs here.

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