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    how accurate are Intel's TDP figures?


      I was looking up specs of Pentium D CPUs. For example the SL88S has TDP=130W, and the SL88T has 95W.

      Yet these are both 2.8GHz/2MB/800 with 90 nm fabrication. So why the difference?

      One would expect to see a gradual increase in TDP as frequency goes up, but there are only a few values

      on TDP for the many different CPUs.

      Now the Pentium D is basically two Pentium 4 in one package. If I look up the corresponding Pentium 4 TDP,

      it seems the Pentium D TDP is less than twice the TDP of a P4. So does the Pentium D engage in

      thermal throttling more often?


      BTW, I have seen half a dozen PCs with the Pentium D, and they had over-the-top super coolers: either a heatsink

      about 10 cm high, or a huge fan that blows a gale. So I would guess these CPUs put out over 100 W when

      pushed hard.