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    Explorer error when opening folder which includes video files


      I get windows explorer error when i open a folder that contains video  file. The file is in mkv format in 1080p and has got DTS 5.1 audio in  it.

      I have other video files that is in mkv format and DTS 5.1 audio but that works fine.

      I am using Windows XP and Windows 7. I get the error in Windows 7 but it works fine in Windows XP.

      What is the problem i am getting for only this video file which is of  the same format as my other video files but in this case it is 1080p.

      I can play other 1080p videos fine. I am using a Corei3 computer with 2gb ram with the integrated graphics.

      I have installed DIVX and K-Lite codec in my computer.

      The error i get when opening the folder that contains the file is  "Explorer has stopped responding" with an option to restart Explorer.


      Thank you