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    Random Freezes with P5Q Pro Turbo


      I am experiencing random freezes on a Win 7 x64 box with a P5Q Pro Turbo motherboard. I have 4 disks in RAID5 and the system will just lock up at random intervals during the day for a period of around 2 mins. Occasionally, I can still interact with the current window, e.g. typing text, but often it is completely frozen. During the 2 mins, there is no sound of hard drive activity and then all of a sudden the hard drives will kick back into life and the system is back to normal.


      This happens around 5 to 10 times a day and is very frustrating. I have tried updating all the drivers I can find but nothing has resolved the issue. It seems like it might be something to do with the hard drives because of the complete pause of HDD activity. I have tried swapping out HDDs to see if it is a hardware issue but haven't had any luck so far. Even during the low level array rebuild process, the system has frozen and the constant chatter of the HDDs during rebuild stops for the 2 mins and then kicks back into life.


      Anyone got any tips to resolving this or had similar problems with Intel RAID?

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          I have a somewhat similar problem, system suddenly hangs on p5q pro with 3hdd on raid0+5 and 2 hdd with sotware raid, 2 ext usb drives and esata hdd, chieftec new 750w is enough power for them , no event log on windows 7 x64 exect for sudden power failure. It happens either on sleep or while accessing drives from network. Didn't figured yet if it the intel chipset or jmicron esata to blame.

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            I have had a similar issue with my P5Q Pro.  I have 2 x WD Rator's on the Intel RAID and 2 x 1TB Samsung F3's on the Marvell RAID, both in RAID1.


            I used to have 2 x 250GB WD HDD's on the Marvell and never ever had an issue, not once.  Since going to the Samsung's, I experience random freezes - usually when the disk is being is hammered   If I press the reset button, when the POST is completing, I hear the F3's return to the park position.


            Sometimes it does not totally lock up, I get 20 second bouts of freeze/unfreeze and I get this error in the event log:


            The device, \Device\Scsi\mv61xx1, did not respond within the timeout period. - MV61xx


            Followed by loads of NTFS erors.  Both F3's check out 100% with the Samsung diag tool.


            I'm running the latest FW/drivers, also I have my DVD-RW on the Marvell controller.


            Running W7 x64

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              I have the same problem with P5Q Pro mobo and windows 7 pro.... My problem was the imaginary green disks of WD and a bad version of RST. What a good idea to have low power consumption in systems. I changed them all...!