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    Core 2 Extreme QX9770 named as X9770...




      i run a qx9770 in a xfx nforce 790i ultra sli for a year now. sli-mode, epp 2.0 system memory at 2ghz and a raid 0 array, everything fine.

      never had a real problem but allways working to get my system more faster and cleaner^^

      i spent days in the registry till i was close to get lost in there. so i can say i know my computer but for a while i noticed that the processor is shown as a x9770 in the control panel and the complete registry. i did more than 5 installs, switched from x64 to x86, flashed the bios cleared cmos, nothing.

      seems that windows 7 allways use a driver from the system installation files, intelppm from 1996.

      tried the different id-tools from intel, some run without a mistake some display a mobileprocessor. what i need is a driver, firmware update or microcode and a tool/way to make my qx9770 remeber what he is.