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    DH67BL only shows splash screen, does not boot


      HI All,


      Exhausted searching for a solution. i have a DH67BL AAG10189-204 board with an i5 processor. when i boot the computer for the first time, it only shows the Intel Splash screen, but it does not boot. but when i hit reset or power off and on, it boots normally (Hyperboot? enabled) . cannot seem to go to the BIOS to make changes (F2 and Del key tried) since its on hyperboot and i use a Logitech illuminated keyboard,which is powered off during Boot-time. its an annoying issue that i cannot seem to resolve.please help,thanks!

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          You could always use the Configuration pin setting on the motherboard. That takes you straight to the BIOS when you power on. Follow the procedure in your manual exactly. From there, you can make changes or check your settings. After you save and exit the BIOS, you should get a message to power off the pc, unplug and set the config pin back to normal.