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    Dell D830 Intel965 chipset with T9800 processor


      Hi all,


      I have question, i have Dell D830 laptop with chipset Intel 965, from datasheet it work with FSB 1066 , so i can put T9800 processor, right? But problem with memory it will only work by FSB 800.

      Or only what i make with processor is T9500.


      Dell dont know any, they simply says that i can only put T7800.


      Thanks for answer


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          This guide might be of help for people attempting to do the same thing:

          Intel Mobile Processor Compatibility Guide

          It might also help to know that I tried a working Intel P8700 processor in a Dell D830 and it did not work; I strongly suspect because the processor is 1066 Mhz and suspect the 965 chipset does not support front system bus speeds of 1066. I have not spent enough time verifying whether the chipset will support 1066 bus speeds, but my failed attempt tells and the compatibility guide seem to indicate that it does not.


          I hope this helps someone.

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