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    Wifi Link 1000 will not connect


      I just bought a Toshiba Satellite M645-4116SX which has the Intel Wifi Link 1000 card installed.


      This adapter wil not connect under any circumstances.  When I first turned on the computer my network was visible and I clicked to connect.  It requested my WEP key, which I entered correctly, but it is unalbe to connect.  I called Intel but they are unwilling to offer any help since it is in a toshiba computer.   I called toshiba and they were not much help.


      As a last resort, I disabled security on my network (lynksis WRT54GS router) and the darn thing still cannot connect.  It is not my router.  I have four other computers and two TVs that connect without a hitch.


      I am running windows 7 home premium 64-bit.   Can anyone help me?

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          It will connect to my work network which is WAP2 so I know I don't just have a switch turned off.  I can see absolutely no reason why it cannot connect to my home network when it is completely unsecured.  Someone please give me clue.

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            here's what i can think of that you can do -


            check your ip address, if its set at obtain ip automatically, make sure dhcp is enabled.

            Re-configure your wireless router, then cold reboot the router (turn it off completely then turn on).

            As for your wireless configuration, you can start with no authentication.

            you can also try to set the same authentication you use at work - wpa2

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              This problem has been resolved.  As I suspected, there was nothing wrong with my router.  Turns out the antenna was faulty.  I exchanged the laptop for a new one and heve never had a problem since.