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    DH61DL video distortion + computer freezes


      Hello everyone.


      I'm new here, but from searching, I can't find any related threads to this issue. - If I'm wrong, please correct me and I do appologize for making this thread.


      The Computer I'm setting up is as follows:

      mini-ITX chassie with 180W PSU

      Intel Core i3-2100

      Kingston 1333MHz DDR3 ram

      Intel DH61DL

      500GB Seagate sata 6.0 GBPs hdd 3,5"

      slim line optical device - don't think brand matters.


      The Issue:

      When I install windows updates - this is with diffrent updates all the time - the compuer all of sudden freezes, and the picture gets distored.

      The distortion looks something like:

      the entire image is there, but its very distorted

      colors seems slightly off

      it looks as if someone took the picture off the computer, and then had a pen or something to smear the color and drew straight lines all over it, to smear the image off focus.

      The lines are from left to right, and in an slightly upwards angle.


      This happens on various occations, always when the computer is brand new.

      Always so far when installing updates.

      The updates are important ones according to windows update.

      OS: Windows 7 pro 64bit (swedish languagepack) with sp1

      i've had the error with internet explorer 9, somtimes with security update for .net 4.0, etc.

      I've checked the ram, no errors.

      Computer temperature is normal at about 40-60 degrees (celsius)

      I've run a burn in test, couldn't find any errors.


      I've tried 4 diffrent motherboards, on 3 of them this error has occured, I am uncertain if this is hardware or software related.


      I'm not sure how to trigger this, because it seems to be related to windows update in some way, but it's not always that it freezes, somtimes it passes with flying colors.


      I've tried doing a clean reinstallation, no error until all of a sudden amongst a few updates it freezes again.


      Anyone able to help?

      Thanks for reading and taking your time.

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