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    Embedded Options YES/NO




      Hi i'm planning to buy a workstation but got confuse with the processor,can anyone provide me with an accurate answer on what is embedded option available listed on the processor datasheet.


      I see answers such as 7years service, or soldered onto motherboard, but i'm still not really sure on what it really is and which to choose from.

      Please do guide me. Thanks!

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          Embedded  (YES) means that the processor is available in 2 versions (regular version) and (embedded version)

          Embedded version means that this version will work on mobile devices like cell phones and other devices, it does not necessarily mean that it is soldered to the motherboard, but physically  the features of both versions will be the same.

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            Embedded processor are only sold in bulk trays, not as individual units.

            Embedded processor may have different parameters for T-case, power consumption, or core voltages that the main stream processors which can impact how they operate in a system. In some cases with old processor generations, they had a slightly different socket than the main stream processors.

            Some processors are listed as both main stream and embedded.


            It is always best to check your mother boards support page to see if the specific processor you want is support by the board.

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              Hi guys,


              Thanks for the replies, guess i have a better understanding now.

              So embedded options doesn't make much of a difference for a personal computer/ workstation.


              Thank you : D

              Have a nice day!