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    DXVA does not work with Intel HD 3000 Graphics Drivers


      I've just finished a new computer with intel HD 3000 graphics on the ASUS P8H67-I Deluxe Motherboard, and an i5-2500k using Windows 7 x64.


      Two problems

      1)  The latest drivers provided on the intel website for intel do not work.  Once installed, my TV or monitor do not get a signal out of the DVI port.  There are a few posts in the forums showing other people have the same problem.


      2)  DXVA does not work with the driver version available from intel that does work ( is what I'm currently using).  Using your video player of choice, such as VLC, XBMC, MPC-HC, etc with DXVA enabled the video is nothing but a bunch of colored blocks (also called macroblocking).


      Are other people seeing the same issue?  Will Intel be releasing newer drivers that fix both the no signal and DXVA problems?