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    DP55WB don't boot in Dual Channel


      Hello ppl,

      I recently got a DP55WB and it came with one stick of 2GB Kingston value.

      To squeeze max power from my i5 750 I bought a dual channel kit 2x2GB Geil with timings 7-7-7-24.

      As the title says, it won't boot in dual channel, only single channel using bank B 0 and 1.

      My BIOS is updates to the newest version (0319) and both memories run ok alone and together in single channel. But I couldn't figure it out how to run them on dual channel.

      The motherboard is running great with 2 hd's in RAID 0 and 4 GB of GEIL in single channel.

      I need them to run dual channel please help me.