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    DP55WG and PRO/1000 GT Desktop Adapter not working when used together


      Does any one know how to fix the following issue?


      The problem is as follows:  The VAR is running a desktop with two NIC’s installed, the onboard NIC (MB2222 – Intel DP55WG) and an expansion card (NC2038 – Intel PRO/1000 GT). The system is being downgraded to windows XP due to their client’s software requirements. I have walked the customer through updated the drivers to the latest Intel driver set 16.2, as that was my first thought. That didn’t seem to fix the situation. When  the VAR enabled either NIC by itself the NIC’s worked fine, But when he enabled both NIC’s only the onboard would grab an IP address from the router and the expansion NIC wont acquire an IP, and just keeps trying to get an IP address for the NIC. The Expansion NIC isn’t bad nor is the onboard NIC; they both work fine when they are run individually.