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    DX58SO2 with Corsair CMT6GX3M3A2000C8


      Hi all!

      I have this configuration:


      - Mainboard Intel DX58SO2

      - CPU i7-960

      - RAM Corsair CMT6GX3M3A2000C8 [2 kit (3*2GB) = 12GB; each slot with 2GB]

      - Corsair Professional Series HX1000W Power Supply

      - ATI Radeon HD6970


      My problem is with the clock of DIMMs that works at 1067Mhz. If I set to XMP Profile 2000, my system won't boot up and the bios want to reconfigure the original settings.

      How can I do to may ram work with XMP profile? Or a greater value than 1067Mhz.

      I've tried also with the "Intel Extreme Tuning Utility", but it overclock only the processor, while the ram work as same with default values.



      Thank you in advance.

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          I have similiar memory (Vengeance CMZ6GX3M3A2000C10 3x2GB).  I ran into the same issue.  The advice Corsair gave me was, "

          Please try and Load setup default and then enable XMP Profile 2 and exit saving changes and see if it will post and pass www.memtest.org, if it will not post then try and manually set the memory frequency to DDR1600/1866 with XMP Profile 2 Enabled".
          I have not tried this out yet.  I had to RMA my DX58SO2 for different issues.  The replacement should be here Monday so I'll try then.
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            I don't have "XMP Profile 2", but only 1. I've tried a lot of configuration, but nothing. It doesn't work with values different to 1066.

            The problem is the bios of our mainboard. With ASUS mainboard I don't have any problem with the same memories.

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              I agree, there is something, probably in the Bios, that is wierd.  I have an 2 year old set of Corsair Dominator memory (3x2GB) that I can pop in and set the XMP profile and reboot.  They run at 1600Mhz with no issues.  When I get my replacement board back Monday, I'll have a chance to play with these newer sticks.  The only reason I got the newer Vengeance memory was to be able to run at a lower voltage.  The 1.65v of the Dominator is pushing the edge of what the memory controller in the I7 CPU likes to see.  The Vengeance runs at 1.5v.


              You might hunt thru some of the other threads regarding the DX58SO2 board and memory.  I know others have had issues with memory running at only 1067Mhz.  Some folks have solved the issues and some have not.  Maybe you can get some better hints from these other threads.  There is one thread that is now 201 posts long "Help with DX58SO2 Motherboard Troubles".  I think most every issue is listed in there someplace.  I have also noticed threads dedicated to the DX58SO2 and memory.


              Good Luck!

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                OK! Thank you. I hope in a quickly bios update from Intel...



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                  Nothing to do...Same problem with the latest 0817 bios of 01/07/2011