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    Cannot get a .pfx file for SCCM Out-of-Band management




      I had purchased SSL Intel vPro certificate from GoDaddy.


      I had downloaded SSL certificate as crt and p7b format. I had imported this certificate into ISS 7. However, I couldn't export this certificate as pfx format to use this certificate in SCCM OOB Management.


      So, I had used this document http://communities.intel.com/docs/DOC-2110 to convert this certificate as pfx format.


      When I run the makepfx.bat, I got an windows error Openssl.exe had stop working. BTW, I had installed SCCM on Windows Server 2008 R2. After that, I changed openssl.exe compability mode to Windows XP SP3 and run the makepfx.bat again. I had created certificate as pfx format successfully. However, When I had tried to add this pfx certificate to IIS 7, IIS 7 got an error that "not recognized


      After, I had generated pfx format, I had tried to show this certificate to SCCM out of band management and got an error that the password is incorrect.


      What should I do to create pfx format without having problem?


      Thanks in advance.