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    2500k temps and fan speeds


      Hi all, I have a new build with 2500k on a MSI P67A-GD65, temps in bios on boot are 57c, and in win7 38c. I am using stock HSF,

      have re & re and ensured it is seated properly. On a simple app install, Adobe reader 9 temp jumps to 58c. I have tried running prime95

      and shut it down when temp hit 82 early in the test.

      Using cupid hw monitor the cpu fan speed at idle (1600mhz and svid phase 1) is 87%-1662rpms. At 100% it reaches 1901rpms. Are these

      temps, rpms normal???

      I have ran Crysis for short periods with real temp running in back ground, max temps reached, 82c on 2 cores. Cupid shows GPU at 47 on

      exit. Whether heat related or not, 3DMark has froze system 2 of 5 times.

      Last point, when I am in the bios for 3-5 mins, I start getting red horizontal lines intermitently. I believe that while in bios CPU runs at phase 6

      and wonder if this CPU related physicaly or heat.


      Thanks for any input.