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    Some advice on upgrading my processor inside my laptop


      Hello, all.  I have been thinking of upgrading my laptop's processor for a while.  I do a lot of heaving video editing (Full-HD editing).  And when doing a lot of videos and then compiling them, my laptop can go a little bit slow.  Epecially whilst I'm waiting for the video to be compiled, I start surfing the net as I get bored of waiting and then the laptop goes slower.


      I have Intel Core 2 Duo T9800 processor (Intel Centrino 2 CPU i

      nside).  I was thinking of updating it to a Quad core processor, as updating it to a T9900 processor is pretty much pointless.


      The thing is, I don't want to buy a new quad-core processor and then find out it doesn't fit or may get too hot or that my motherboard/BIOS does not support it or if my laptop simply can't be upgraded..


      I've tried doing my research, and I beleive any of these would work, but I am unsure:




      I beleive the Q9000 would fit, but was wondering would the Q9100 would fit, or even the QX9300 would?


      Attached is a picture of lots of information of my laptop, if you need more information, I can get more.



      My laptop is a Sony VGN-AW21QY/Q.  Official site specs are here: http://support.vaio.sony.eu/computing/vaio/specifications/index.aspx?m=VGN-AW21XY_Q&l=en_GB  Although mylaptop has been upgraded to Winows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.


      Any help and/or advice would be greatly appreciated!


      Many Thanks