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    DX58SO2 hangs during (or before) BIOS boot


      Just wanna put this out here and see if anyone is ahead of me on this one.


      Here's the system,,,,

      DX58SO2 MB

      24GB Kingston RAM (6pc., X 4GB, running at 1066MHz in 3 channel mode) Yes,, it's the correct RAM

      I7 950 CPU  (no overclocking)

      LG DVD drive

      C: - boot drive = Samsung 256GB SSD (On SATA port 0, 3Gb/s)

      E: - Secondary drive = Intel X25 160GB SSD (On SATA port 4, 3Gb/s)

      EVGA / Nvidea GTX580 Video card running 2 monitors  (no overclocking)

      Soundblaster XF-i card

      Coolermaster 850W Pro-Gold series power supply (supports PFC)

      Using Coolermaster fans (2pc.) in the case that have the 4-pin connectors instead of the 3-pin. This allows the MB to control fan speed.


      1) No software or boot items are on the E: drive

      2) Removing Sound card or unplugging E: drive makes no difference

      3) Yes! I have the latest BIOS, updates, and drivers, makes no difference

      4) BIOS is set to "AHCI". (IDE or RAID are not correct)


      Here's the problem,,,,

      When I turn the PC on, It cycles the fans to full speed briefly, then cycles them back to lowest speed, then hangs before BIOS boot.

      I can then press the "reset" button and the PC will boot.


      Anyone had this problem??


      Thank you

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          Boot the pc with only 3 sticks of ram in the blue slots.  Go into the bios set up the memory config manually (please remember to set the correct DDR Voltage).  Save and exit the bios.  It should load into windows.  When your in windows download the no so latest bios (dont use 779 it sucks) get the 765 revision from intels website.  Reboot and flash the bios using a thumb drive and hitting F7 at the post screen.  Once flashed shut down install the ram and reboot.

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            Thanks Swiss.

            I read through that thread. Didn't see it before.

            I know you already bailed on this board but this weekend I'll get the specs on my OTHER DX58SO2 which works fine and has never had the BIOS boot problem and post it to your original thread.

            I think I agree with you at this point though. DX58SO2 is a FAIL.

            Too late to RMA the one that I'm having problems with so I'm just going to back up meticulously and keep pushing the reset button until it dies or I find a better board.

            Really sad cause this board had all the right parts. Just forgot the quality.

            Blazing fast with Premiere Pro too.


            It helped to know I wasn't the only one and all your late nights saved me from repeating the process.


            Also, I have a new Corsair power supply that I'm going to try but I don't really think that's going to fix it.


            I'm involved in some manufacturing in my work and I can tell you that it COULD be something as ridiculous as a marginal capacitor.

            In my biz we call this "Made in the wrong country"


            Thanks so much for all your hard work!

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              Thanks very much Lee.

              I'll give that a try.

              Maybe just doesn't like all 6 dimms filled.

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                I would be interested in seeing the specs and I think it would help some others as well Russ.  I'm glad at least that you were able to avoid some long nights of testing based on the results we got and didn't get. I would still like to have a working version of this board.


                Good Luck and thank you for your input.

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                  Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I took the weekend off.


                  Here are the specs for the DX58SO2 system that DOES NOT exhibit the "00" BIOS boot hang.

                  This system was really quirky when I first set it up but I think most of my problems on this system were with trying to use 6Gb/s SATA.

                  One of the guys here on this forum told me to just use 3Gb/s SATA ports, which fixed all those problems.


                  DX58SO2 MB

                  BIOS version SOX582OJ.86A.0603.2010.117.1506   (An older BIOS version)

                  Core I7-950

                  MK Power MKX-850W power supply (Claims to be PFC compliant)

                  Kingston KVR1333DN9K3/12G memory  (4GB X 3 slots) running at 1067MHz

                  Crucial C300 SSD. (CTFDDAC256MAG.1G1) This is a 6GB/s drive but I am running it on a SATA2 (3GB/s) port.

                  EVGA GeForce GTS450

                  LG DVD


                  After looking at this system I remembered that I made 1 change in the BIOS,, which might be relevant,,,

                  1) Performance/Processor/Max Turbo Multiplier = changed from the default setting of "25" to "19"

                  I changed this because I was just trying everything I could think of when I had boot problems due to the 6GB/s SSD thing. Maybe that fixed the 00 thing and I didn't even know it yet!

                  I'll have to fiddle with this setting on both machines and see if it even matters.

                  If it does then here again we have something that would point to creepy voltage issues or capacitors, etc.


                  Other differences between this system and my other one which DOES have the "00" hang are,,,

                  1) This system shows the 3pc. X4GB memory speed running at "1067MHz", while the system that still hangs has 6pc. X 4GB memory running at "DDR3-1067MHz" Both systems use the exact same memory, just have 12GB in the working machine and 24GB in the machine that's hanging. Someone on this forum (sorry I lost track of you) suggested taking half the memory out, which I will try soon).

                  2) Working system has GTS450 Vid Card, the one that still hangs has a GTX580 card running 2 monitors.


                  Since you encouraged me to look at this I now have to wonder why the working system doesn't report the memory as running in DDR3 mode while the one that hangs does.


                  I'll try to answer a bit fatser this week and keep up with you better.


                  Thanks again all for your late nights

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                    I think I may have described a setting incorrectly on that last post.

                    I stated that I changed the "Max turbo Multiplier" setting from the default of "25" to "19"



                    In the BIOS setup, under the PERFORMANCE menu, note that towards the top it displays "Host Clock Frequency" as 133MHz.

                    THAT is what you click on to access the "Max Turbo Multiplier Setting" which is in the "Processor Overides Screen"


                    However, I also now notice that the "performance" screen still shows that as being "25". Hmmmm.


                    Here are the 2 screens from the WORKING system





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                      O.K. it might be too soon but here's a new development.


                      On the DX58SO2 system that is still doing the "00" hang,,,


                      I just made the following change,,,


                      In the BIOS I went to "Performance", then "Memory", and changed the "Memory Configuration Interface" setting from "Basic" to "Advanced".

                      Please also not that this system has the latest BIOS and the BIOS screens are a bit different than older BIOS vversions.


                      I turned the system off, let it sit for 10 seconds, then turned it back on and it booted,, no "00" hang.

                      System was warm though.

                      I'll try again tomorrow night when it's cold and report back after a few boots.


                      Sorry if I have a bit of disconnect as these 2 systems are at different physical locations.

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                        that's some interesting information, having two systems one working right and one not is valuable for comparison. the fact that both are running the latest BIOS is Also interesting. I was having so many problems after installing the 0779 BIOS that I was forced to revert back to the previous BIOS.

                        thanks for taking the time to compile and post all this information.

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                          Actually Swiss the board that's working right has an older BIOS (0603).

                          See my post on 16th.



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                            thanks for pointing that out Russ, I'm working between two threads here think I,m getting my info crossed. bgolden over in the "Help with DX58SO2 Motherboard Troubles" is reporting something like this also. staring to wonder if thats the problem but not enough info to know for sure yet.