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    DG45ID RAM issue


      I have a Q8200 on a DG45ID with 2x1gb cosair pc 6400... if i add memory (also corsair pc6400 2x1gb, I get 3 beeps at post.  I have tried auto and manual timing, reseated, no luck... RMA?

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          RMA what, the DG45ID or the new memory?  Three long beeps is a memory error on this board.  Have you tried the new memory by itself in the board?  Try the new memory in the slots you have been using first, and if that works then add your "old" memory in the slots that have been unused and see what happens.  If the new memory works on it's own, and the old memory in the other slots fails to boot, then that would point to the board being bad.


          FWIW, I added more memory to my DG45ID recently, added two DIMMS as you did, a different make, same size and speed but slightly different latency, and it worked fine.  If your board is dusty, you may be getting a bad connection, try blowing out the dust or carefully cleaning the DIMM slots.


          Here's a link to a memory configuration document from Intel, it's basic but worth reading:



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            You Must have a Mismatched RAM , I got two of these boards running 8GB for three years now rock solid and stable , they say you can run 16GB on this board.

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              Alright, I got to the bottom of it.  The new RAM was bad.  Tried it on another computer by itself and got a similar memory post error on that machine.  The original  and the new set i bought were different latency but i checked the list of compatable chips (not listed) but timings were similar to supported RAM.  Anyway,  learned my lesson about assuming new parts are good... especially when they are shipped brown.


              Thanks for the thoughts Parsec... That memory docs you sent was a good read.

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                That's great, glad you figured it out.  It's odd to me that so much bad memory (apparently) is shipped from the factory, I guess they only test samples from a run of cards.  I read about people having problems with new memory all the time.  I sure have been lucky, I have never had a bad memory card in all the memory I've bought, which has not been that much really.  I've got... 36GB in "my" four PC's, not that much really compared to some people, but I have no need for it.


                So how does brown damage memory?  Walked on the package like they did to a monitor I had shipped?  Perfect footprint on (and through) the box of a formerly perfect monitor.  But all is well, they own that one now and I have another.