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    D945PSN Power Issues


      Built this PC a few years back, and never had any real hardware issues, on my 3rd power supply (just replaced because I thought it was the problem) and 2nd video card. The issue I am having now is that the system simply will not power on, the green power indicator on the board is lit, I've triple checked all connections. If any further details on hardware are needed just ask.

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          thought i'd add to my previous post. one symptom I should mention that originally led me to beleive the power supply had blown was that when this problem started the system was running, and if i remember correctly we were watching a standard def movie, then out of no where there was a pop and the system went dead, I opened her up and inspected all components to the best of my ability, that's when I noticed the power indicator on the motherboard was lit (yes I did unplug before removing anything).


          and finally some hardware details:

          MOBO: Intel D945PSN

          PSU: Rocket Fish 600W
          CPU: Intel Pentium D 3.0Ghz

          RAM: 2x 1GB OCZ DDR2

          GPU: MSI Geforce 9800GT PCIe

          HDD: 300GB SATA

          OS: Ubuntu 10.10