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    HD resolution


      I got a i7 with intel hd 2000 graphic.


      With vga connected to my lcd t.v. ( resolution 1920 x 1080 ) Its OK!


      But the problem bigins when connecting HDMI to my lcd t.v. every resolution is out of screen!!!!!

      I tryed every possible update, but its still not fixed.


      What causes this problem,


      Intel  HD 2000 graphic its out of screen every possible resolution. screen its  very blurr!!!! I put it on 60 hz still blurr. It looks like its still  on 20hz or something.

      Can someone explain this to me. Is someone els having this problem?


      NEED HELP this sucks


      I posted another disscusion but i'am getting no anwser, please give me something.


      Thanks in advance,


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          Hi there!


          At this point looks like the monitor's EDID is not been detected properly.


          You need to make sure that you install the latest monitor firmware or monitor drivers.


          If device manager is detecting your monitor as “Plug and Play Monitor" or “Generic PnP Monitor”, then the drivers are not installed. In that case, contact the monitor manufacturer in order to obtain the .INF file to install the driver. Once you have the .INF, right-click on "Plug and Play Monitor" or “Generic PnP Monitor” and choose "Update Driver", and refer to the monitor's .INF file.


          If you are interested in additional information please check below: