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    How to fix DH67BL problem?



      Hi. Can anyone help me. I already assembled six desktops (i7-2600. DH67BL, 8GB-1333, WD-2TB, WIN7-64bit ). One of them is doing as

      shown in the image and the video. and it happens at any time. I had replaced the processor and power supply without

      any progress. Bios Ver. (BLH6710.86A.0105.2011.0301.1654).Video Driver Ver.( But also I tried the newer

      one Ver.(


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          Maybe you can try to replace the memory sticks, and check the settings in bios, because the video source is coming from main memory, and one may be marginal, or with bad settings.

          You can also try with only one stick and then the other, in the first Blue Dimm slot.

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            I have EXACT the same, after a Motherboard BIOS Update (Version 0132 10/7/2011).

            Cant downgrade the BIOS with older versions, because all older Versions are in Blacklist !!!!!

            How do you fix this ?

            This drives me nuts!

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              Also the problem started with me when I upgrade  the Bios and at that time I thought that the Bios new version is the problem, but I was assembling 6 desktops with the same parts 6 same CPU's, same RAM's, Same HDD's, same Cases, same Motherboards. The problem was in one of the RAM modules (4GB + 4GB) they are shared memory for GPU & CPU.

              It took me along time to know Which module is marginal(~Faulty)  Because it makes this problem after 4 monthes if it is mounted alone while it happens frequently once or twice a day if both modules were mounted.

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                Thank you for your quick and kind reply!


                Sorry! I will not believe that the memory sticks are the Problem!

                • Before the bios update the graphic was runnig well !
                • I have a extra expensive synchronsized pair of Mushkin Memory sticks
                  (Mushkin silverline 2 doublesided sticks with 2*4 GB = 16GB total)
                • Making a Bios Update and blammm..... the Memorys are broken?? Strange thinking! 


                I think they have changed the Method how  to access the RAM (perhapst to speed up something) and now the timing is broken

                or the have impemented Problems with doublesided sticks or we have to much RAM!


                Normally i have plugged my memmory sticks into:

                Dimm 3, Channel A, Slot 0 AND Dimm 4, Channel B Slot 0

                To Use the fast Dual channel mode.


                I fiddeld arrount a bit ...


                So i found out:

                • if i plug in a Memmory stick into Dimm 3, Channel A, Slot 0 ; I get the error!
                  regardless wich of my both sticks i use!
                • if i plug both Memmory sticks into Channel B (Dimm 4 and Dimm 2) i have no error !


                So its a Channel Problem ?


                What amount of GB do you have used before and after the Problem?

                Do you using Doublesided memory sticks ?

                Wich Channel (memory plug-in position) do you use?


                Happy new year !




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                  I used 2 modules Transcend JM1333KLN-4G in each desktop.

                  I have the Bios file  (BL0105.BIO).

                  If you are interested, send me your email address.

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                    After reading how you are using DIMMs slots, my understanding is that  you are not using the right ones.

                    Slots numbering starting from the processor socket is: 3, 1, 4,  2. (as printed on quick reference paper inside the motherboard box).

                    slots 3 and 4 are black

                    slots 1 and 2 are blue

                    You should use the blue slots first ( slots 1 and 2) and if only one DIMM you should use slot 1, because some low level hardware management microprocesssor is using slot 1 memory, (read somewhere in a manual).


                    Take care that a different numbering maybe given by some utilities software.

                    Intel Destop Utility (aka  IDU 038rev.) is giving the good numbering.


                    I have two DH67GD (same as DH67BL, same bios, extra populated with display port & firewire) and I never had problems with DIMMS using this policy, with any bios from 076 to 132 (including the discarded 128 and 131 ones).

                    I have two systems, one is with gskill Ripjaws X 1333Mhz, the other one with Kingston hyperX blu KHX1600D3B1K2 running 1333 by SPD, all at standard 1.5V voltage default value.

                    With gskill Ripjaws X, I also installed 4 DIMMs (16GB) and ran few weeks with.


                    Dont know if any problem with higher capacity DIMMs such as 8GB DIMMs.