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    Intel Enclosure AXXSW1GB switchmodule and HP RSTP




      I have recently aquired 2 Intel modular blade enclosures, both equipped with AXXSW1GB modules.


      Enclosure1 is attached to a HP 5406zl and Enclosure2 is attached to a different Hp 5406zl. The 2 HP switches are connected with eachother for redundancy. We are running rstp on the enclosures and also rstp on the HP switches. However, i am having spanning tree issues.


      When i have 1 enclosure connected to the HP switch 1, everything is fine and ports go into forwarding. When i attach the other enclosure to the 2nd HP switch, those ports will go in blocking on the HP switch.


      However, there is no loop possible because the only route possible is from Enclosure1 -> HP1 -> HP2 -> Enclosure2.

      When i disable rstp on enclosure2, everything works fine meaning there is no loop but a compatibility issue i guess?


      Does the AXXSW1GB use rstp per vlan? like Foundry can? or does it use a single instance?


      Thanks for your attention.