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    Intel SE7520JR2 - uneven fan speeds


      Hi, I have a server with a SE7520JR2, installed Windows 2003 x64 and Advanced System console 3.5.2 on it. The console is quite slow, but works. However, it displays quite uneven fan speeds (For example: SYS FAN 1A: 10593.22; SYS FAN 1B: 7369.19) and marks all fans as failed (probably because theupper limit is 0.0). In the main page it displays fan health as OK, but if I click n "Cooling" it lists all fans as failed.


      I attached a screenshot of the page in question.


      Is this normal? I have an older server (Siemens Primergy N400) with redundant fans and on it, the fans spin at pretty much the same speed.