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    DG33TL - No Boot, No Beeps!




      I'm having some issues with my media centre PC which is built on the DG33TL. It has been working without fault for the last 4 years (or so), until I gave it a spring clean today. I'm an electrical engineer and understand the issues with static charges around electrical components and was suitably earthed before touching any components. I didnt move anything other than taking the CPU heatsink and fan off the processor and giving it a blow-through to remove excess dust build-up. Having replaced the heatsink, plugged the pwoer back in and switched on the main switch on the back of the case, the PC will not turn on. There are no audible tones/beeps, no fans or graphics cards start, there is a only single green, fast-flashing LED on the motherboard labelled LED 1 (which as far as I can tell is the +5V Standby Power LED).


      Has anyone had any similar experiences or suggestions how I could go about solving this problem?


      Thanks in advance.