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    945GCL produces Horrible Sound


      I've had a 945 GCL for some time now and was running on XP with no problems. Last friday I upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate 32Bits and everything was running fine until I decided to put some music....


      The sound through the speakers is awfull!!! it´s kind of distorted, ghostly and incomplete. Most bizarre is the fact that it only sounds in the front jack. When I try to plug it in the back of the case it sounds perfect for a frction of a second and then goes mute. It seems to be a voltage problem, I guess. I tried the obvious, headphones, other kind of speakers and nothing works. The sound was perfect 3 days ago running windows XP !!!


      I thougt it was a driver issue but installed the driver that comes in the original CD and it sounds exactly the same. I'm looking for the newest BIOS but I can't find it in the Intel webpage. I've downloaded all the options for BIOS here and it displays an error that says "The BIOS you are trying to update is invalid to your system"


      Please Help me !!!

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          Is that board supported for Windows 7? Have a look at the manufacturers website for your exact board and see if there are audio drivers for it to suit Win 7, if you're not using them - do so. Otherwise native Win 7 drivers may work OK - that's what I'm using with my DG45ID because the Intel supplied ones pose reliability issues.


          You'll need to ensure any BIOS update you attempt to flash is precisely for your specific board so that'll mean checking the exact (full) board model number to make sure it's suited to the download. FWIW I doubt a BIOS upgrade is going to make a difference to the sound quality in this case, my guess is it's driver related.

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            Hi, thanks for the quick answer..


            Yes, the motherboard supports win 7. The funny thing is that I have another exact system with the same MOBO running win 7 sweetly. I updated the BIOS for that system about a year ago and now Intel doesn't seem to support it anymore... I can't find the BIOS update. Should have keep it that time.


            I found that the front jack sounds much better than the rear jack but does it at a very low volume....


            Still looking for that BIOS...


            thanks anyway