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    Problem with Core i5 2500k


      Hi guys i just assembled my rig. It has the following configuration Core  i5 2500k,Intel DH67BL MOBO, 4 GB RAM, and Galaxy GT 430 GPU, Huntkey 550W SMPS, Windows 7  ultimate 64 bit,Cooler master CM 690 II advanced.The problem that i am  facing today is that one of my CPU core always runs at 100% even if  there is no program is running at the background. Why is this happening i  have run a virus scan with the AVG Free edition there was no infection   and updated the video driver,Updated the BIOS and all other drivers still facing the same problem so i changed my operating system to Kubuntu 10.10 still faced the same problem hence i once again changed my OS to Windows XP SP3 still faced the same problem so guys what should i do now.

      Thank you.