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    DH67BL Problems with USB3 and PCIe


      Hello everybody,


      i build my new HTPC using the DH67BL Board and a Corei3 2100T processor.

      I faced the issue, that windows did not recognize my TV Card after reboot (Tevii S480 PCIe) so i upgraded several Drivers.

      Afterwards, windows recognized the Card but my MediaProtal somehow seemed to have issues recognizing the card.

      So i updated to the most recent USB3.0 Renesas 29.04.2011 Driver and erverything got worse:

      My USB Keyboard does not get recognized until i change the usb-port after reboot. My tv card doesnt get recognized at all.

      I deinstalled the Renesis programm, but i still have the problem.



      How is USB3 driver connected to my PCIe tv card? Somehow there seems to be a link?

      What do i need to do to get the system run properly?


      Thank you very much,