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    DX58SO2 Nightmare


      The DX58SO2 motherboard seemed like it had all the bells and whistles, so I bought one.  So far, it has been a complete nighmare.

      I assembled the motherboard, ram, graphics card, sound card, 990X cpu chip, blower fan, power supply and case fan.  The green power on light on the motherboard glowed, but nothing else worked - not even the case fans.  I called Intel customer support.  They told me to disconnect everything including removing the cpu chip and the blower fan.  They said that the motherboard should power the case fan even with no cpu chip.  But, the case fan did not move even when I substituted another known good power supply.  The motherboard was dead on arrival.  Things happen and I always try to be understanding, especially if a company works to solve the problem.

      But, my encounter with warranty support was where the nightmare began.  They gave me an RMA number and it was shipped to a center in Kentucky for repair.  About five days later, I got an e-mail with four hazy, low resolution pictures attached.  The e-mail said that there was physical damage to the motherboard.  It said that there was cpu grease contaminant and bent cpu socket pins.  I called technical support.

      I asked technical support why in the world would they see cpu grease a contaminant and evidence of physical damage!  They had no good answer to this.  I told them that the cpu grease is a normal part of the installation of the motherboard.  Its presence is to be expected.  It was smeared on the top of the cpu chip.  When I removed it at their direction, perhaps a small amount had reached the area outside the socket holder, but that no cpu grease was inside the socket.  I said, "CPU grease is not a contaminant.  It is a normal artifact of a cpu installation."  But they were adamant that cpu grease was physical damage.  The pictures were so hazy and of such low resolution that I could not definitely identify what might be cpu grease and what might be just reflection in the photograph.

      I asked technical support how there could have been bent cpu socket pins.  I said, "There are two notches on each side of the chip which prevent the chip from being oriented in the wrong way in socket.  I could not have placed the chip wrongly.  I was very careful.  So, specifically, in these pictures where are the bent chips?"  They could not tell me.

      I asked for better photographs, but they refused.

      During the course of the conversation, I found out that everyone I was talking to was in Costa Rica.  The repair center was in Kentucky.  They told me that they could not contact Kentucky in any way.  They could not ask any further questions.  They could not change the determination of physical damage.  I asked to speak to a senior technician.  I thought I would finally be talking to someone who could look at my motherboard and give me some definitive information.  I told them that I was concerned about the reason for the bent socket pins.  I wanted to know their opinion of how it could have happened.  After about 12 hours of waiting, a senior technician called me.  I detected a Hispanic accent.  He was in Costa Rica.  In the end, I learned nothing more.  Even he could not tell me from the low resolution photographs pins were bent.

      In the end, they told me that if I wanted a working board back, I would have to pay $71.  So, now I get the board back and I fear the next stage as I put the cpu chip in the socket again and see this all repeat itself.

      My recommendation is "Don't Buy Intel".  They treat their customers badly when there is a problem.  It is a management decision to move all of the people who take calls to Costa Rica and totally insulate the actual tech support people who can talk definitively about a customer problem in Kentucky.  This is outsourcing at an outrageous extreme.

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          Hi Alan,

          I saw your duplicate post in the "Help with DX58SO2 Motherboard Troubles" thread.  You were correct to start this thread by itself.


          I cannot confirm nor refute your experience.  But, honestly I can feel your pain.  In your situation, I would probably have felt he same.  But, maybe I can clear up a couple of things for you.


          1. If you look at the Ship To name in Louisville, KY, where you returned your board to.  It is MAMO-UPS-SCS.  I believe this is UPS Supply Chain Solutions.  So, all the Call Center in costa Rico knows is what UPS-SCS reports to them.  Most larger companies outsource parts of their business to other companies.  It is stricktly for economy sake.  The Return Items Department is commonly one of these business parts.  If you look closely at the plastic cap that covered the CPU socket, it should say Foxconn.  So, I would guess that Foxconn actually manufactured these boards.  Foxconn makes most of the boards anymore for Apple, Dell, HP, and probably EVGA, Asus, MSI, Biostar, and any other brand you can think of.  So, you have a board made by Foxconn, returned to UPS-SCS, and were probably talking to a different company in Costa Rico, all under the Intel umbrella.  I am not saying this is the best way to do business, but it is cheap.  Otherwise our $250 board would probably cost $500-$750 and the quality may or may not be any better.


          2.  At least Intel uses a call center in Costa Rico (for the same reasons as above- cheaper).  For a while, most large companies Outsourced Call Centers to India.  Talk about a language barrier!  I know the folks in India speak English.  But, I'll be darn if I can understand them.  Some companies are bringing back Call Centers to the USA because of the language issues.  But, these are rare and usually for only high end commercial accounts.


          3.  The folks at the Call Center are just following a script.  They have no way to tell if there was actually a manufacturing defect or if you messed something up.  We all have caused some of our problems (not saying you did).  As I mentioned in a different thread, I fried a board (literaly - there was this pretty smoke, when I put the Bios jumper on the fan header because I did not have my glasses on).  We learn, live, and move on.


          If you are not getting the satisfaction you desire, you can keep making waves and keep going up the chain.  Heck, go to the CEO if you have to.  But, in the communication, be concise, clear, polite, and firm.  I just returned my board to Intel.  In a few days, I may get the same fuzzy pictures.  In which case, I will be upset also.  Then, I have a decision to make.  I either press the issue or cut my losses and move on.


          Sincerely, I wish you well, whichever way this all turns out for you!

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            I'm still waiting for the return of the motherboard. It should be here any day now because I got an e-mail telling me it had been shipped.  I'll post here and let you and everyone else who is interested what happens when I try to install the 990X chip in the replacement motherboard.  I appreciate your comments and suggestions.  I did write a letter to Intel about it, but have not yet received any reply.

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              I'm interested.

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                My replacement board is on the way back.  I should have it Monday 5/16.  It will be interesting to see if the replacement clears up my issues (Cold Boot Hang "00" and memory issues).


                As a side note....  I sent my "bad" board in Friday 5/6 via Fedex Next Business Day delivery.  It was received by the returns center at 8:57am on Monday 5/9.  When I had not received an email by Thursday 5/12 I called Intel.  They confirmed that they had received it and it would take 4-5 business days to send out the replacement.  I am not sure what takes 4-5 business days.  I doubt if they even test the "bad" boards.  They probably make a quick visual inspection and update something in their system.  The replacement should go out at the point.  At any rate, I received an email later Thursday and low and behold my replacement was on it's way (coincidence?).


                We will have to compare notes as to how our replament boards work out.

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                  I received a replacement motherboard after paying $71.00.  I installed it.  About the time I was trying to install the power supply, I could not find the backplane bracket that anchors the fan to the motherboard.  Then, I realized it was a one time use only item that was returned with the old motherboard and not replaced.  I decided to turn on the power supply for a few seconds without the fan to see if there was any activity.  No fan moved and there were no beeps.  The only sign of activity was the glowing light on the motherboard. 


                  I called technical support again.  I was told to remove the motherboard and power supply from the case and place it on a nonconductive surface - in this case an oak kitchen table.  I was told to disconnect everything except for the power supply and the cpu chip.  The resut after about five 10 second tries was the same.  Finallty I was told to put my finger on the cpu chip.  It was stone cold.


                  The tech support guy told me that I had a probable bad 990X cpu chip.  I told him of my previous problems.  I told him the bent cpu pin and cpu grease contamination allegations.  I told him I thought that the problem all along had been a dead cpu.  He did not offer to refund the $71.00.  He gave me an RMA number and Intel is now replacing the cpu chip and they said it was cheaper to send me a new fan because they could not just send me the backplane bracket for the fan.


                  We went over all of the letters and numbers on the chip.  On one line it said, "Made in Costa Rica".  That is where the Intel chips are made.  Just though you guys would like to know.


                  I'll post later when I finallty have the computer assembled and working.  I did write a letter to Intel, but to date there has been no response.

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                    My third posting about this continuing nightmare was blocked by the website.  A long descriptive post was  blocked by the website.  Suffice to say, I was sent a second defective motherboard.

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                      I must have gotten lucky!  I received my RMA board  two weeks ago and so far it is performing without issue.  I simply installe the replacement board and went to work.  I left the Bios 0603 and left the drivers alone (the drivers may be for this board or they may be for a different X58 motherboard I was using while the exchange was taking place, I never really looked).


                      If you are having issues with your second board, I would suggest sending it back and try again.  Two bad boards in a row would not seem normal.  But, I suppose it would not be impossible.


                      Hang in there!