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    Driver update utility messed up my home theater! Audio works, video not!


      I have a sony vaio VGN-C190G. It houses an intel core2duo 1,6Ghz, and an Intel graphics (something in the lines of GMA945GM).

      I bought my laptop in december 2006, and have never updated the graphics except with the updates from windows XP.

      I never had issues with the drivers until recently when one java based game could not run.
      I went to see at the specs sheet, and it looked like my graphics card should be able to run it in openGL 1.4.
      So I decided to update the drivers, since I did not have openGL 1.4.


      I went to this site, ran the driver update utility, and it told me I had version 10.something installed, and there was a 13.something version available.
      I downloaded and installed it.
      At first there did not seem any difference, except that it ran my java based game.


      But later on I found most of my movies where no longer running video.
      I watch movies and video's quite a lot on my laptop; it's kind of my home theater computer.


      After a little digging it seems that the overlay mixer in media player classic (as well as the system default directshow video setting) where no longer working.


      Media player can run video's from the directX9 (renderless) setting, but it requires more cpu than the overlay mixer.


      I think it has to do with latest drivers. I have had no chance of reinstalling the old drivers. Is there a solution?


      Thank you!