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    System x3650 M3 Raid Error


      Dear All,

      I have just bought three new system x3650 M3 servers, with only three  hard disks and ServeRAID M5015 SAS/SATA Controller, after I configure  two disks as Raid 1 and one disk as hot spear, after that i install  windows 2008 R2 and every thing is going OK until i receive the  following error from Megaraid application :-


      Controller ID: 0 Consistency Check started on an inconsistent VD: VD 0 Generated on:Fri May 04 13:00:12 2011


      IP Address:
      OS Name: Windows 7 x64
      OS Version: 6.01
      Driver Name: megasas2.sys
      Driver Version:

      BIOS Version: 2.120.03-1160
      Firmware Package Version: 12.12.0-0039
      Firmware Version: 3.19.00_4.11.05.00_0x0417A000

      so can anyone help me to solve this error ?


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          Seems it's normal behavior - if you didn't perform a complete initialization when creating the RAID VD then the data on the two disks may not be exact the same. The RAID controller will check consistancy in the background to make sure the data is in sync.


          You may check with IBM to double confirm.

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            So you think that i must wait until the two disks make complete initialization? . what i was make is configure the servers with server giude and make the raid configration throw it then i install windows 2008 r2, after that i make full firmware update for all hardware and after that i got this warning.



            i will too check with IBM.


            thanks for your time to answer me