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    I have problem with Intel G41 Graphics


      Hello !


      Games are not correct... i want to setting  OpenGL.. But i can not run OpenGL Setting


      At link :  http://www.intel.com/support/graphics/sb/CS-022130.htm


      Intel  help me run OpenGL setting but My computer alway Figure 1a: Intel® Graphics   and Media  Control Panel


      My  computer can't run Figure 1: Intel® Graphics   Media  Accelerator Driver Properties Window


      Please  Help Me! Thank You.


      Minh Tai

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          Try this. Download the latest graphics drivers for your motherboard from the manufacturer. Uninstall the existing drivers (using Control Panel -> Programs and reboot. Windows may restart in safe mode otherwise in a low resolution display mode. Install the latest drivers you've just downloaded. Reboot at the end and try to run your OpenGL games again.


          Note that the G41 chipset supports OpenGL 2.0 but this should be backward compatible. Your game doesn't require OpenGL 3.0 compatible hardware does it?