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    DH55TC with no graphics card installed



      Is it possible to boot a DH55TC + i7-870 processor with no video card installed?


      I'm trying it but my system doesn't boot. I'm only getting the video error beep pattern.


      According to the Intel® Desktop Board DH55TC Technical Product Specification I'd undestood it was possible.



      3.6.3 Booting Without Attached Devices
      For use in embedded applications, the BIOS has been designed so that after passing
      the POST, the operating system loader is invoked even if the following devices are not
      • Video adapter
      • Keyboard
      • Mouse


      (p. 67)

      4.2 BIOS Beep Codes

      Table 37.  BIOS Beep Codes

      Video error (no add-in graphics card installed)

      On-off (1.0 second each) two times, then

      2.5-second pause (off), entire pattern repeats

      (beeps and pause) once and the BIOS will

      continue to boot.

      932 Hz

      For processors requiring an

      add-in graphics card



      Is somebody using a similar configuration without a video card?



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          I am having the same issue with my DH55HC with my i7- 870.  bummer.  I have never heard of a processor that needs a video card, especially the compatible intel motherboard has dvi and vga output.

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            Well guys, the answer is simple, but you probably won't like it.  With your mother board and chipset (H55 PCH) which has integrated graphics on the H55, it still requires support from the CPU in order for the integrated graphics to function.  Not all socket 1156 (your board) CPUs provide the support needed by the H55 chipset, and the i7-870 is one of those CPUs.  These are the supported CPUs for the DH55TC mother board:





            You can go to this page via this link:




            Notice the green video card icon on the line for the i7-870, which indicates you must use an add-in graphics card.  If you go to that page and click the icon, you'll see an explanation.  There is no free, software, or BIOS fix for this situation.


            Your options:


            If you keep this CPU and board, you will need to buy a video card.  I doubt whether a different mother board will provide graphics with this CPU, Intel does not make one.  Some CPUs that are supported by this board will provide the integrated graphics, but they do not have the same performance as your i7-870 does.  If you refuse to buy a video card, you'll need to return the CPU and board, if possible.


            The cheapest option for you is to buy a video card.  Most if not all of the cheapest video cards available will  provide better graphics then this board will.  You must use a video care for the PCI-E interface on your board, you cannot use the older AGP interface.  An NVIDIA based GT210, GT220, or GT240 video card can be had for under $50, and I've seen the GT210's for $20 after rebate.  There are plenty of video cards to choose from besides those, and you don't need a fancy one unless you are a dedicated video gamer, and the graphics built into this board would not provide that level of  performance anyway.  For watching movies/videos on HD TVs or using multiple monitors, the cheap cards are fine, as would be the integrated graphics.


            If someplace sold you that combination of CPU and board and said it provided graphics, they were just plain wrong.

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              Thanks for the answer but in my particular case I needed a headless box. Never intended to have video in it.

              So I've checked Intel's manual and there it's clearly stated that a DH55TC board will boot even if a video adapter is not found. That made me buy the board.


              I was finally able to change the board for a DP55WB and it's booting ok (after 2 beeps-pause-2 beeps) with no video adapter, both with a core i7-870 and i5-750.



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                ric,  Sorry I didn't get your intent.  Interesting, I wonder why the 'WB board will boot in your configuration, a fluke of the BIOS, or by design?  Or the 'TC board's BIOS has an error?  At least you found something that works.

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                  Yes, it's strange. I've checked release notes for the TC and tried latest BIOS but it didn't help.

                  Both manuals, the TC and WB, state the same thing: the board should boot even if the video adapter is not present . Statements related to video problems seems to be pretty much the same for both boards in the manual.

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                    Yes, I looked at both board's manuals, and given they are basically similar boards, I imagine text is copied and reused as only the features are different.  While that is likely a common practice it is sloppy work and the result can be misinformation.  The help text in the BIOS of an Asian based mother board manufacture whose board I own is terrible to the point of being useless.  I would think as the years pass the translation or writing would improve, but it certainly hasn't.


                    In POST/BIOS code, whether or not to continue when an error or anomaly occurs is controlled by that code, so why one board's POST continues and the other doesn't given their similarities is seemingly odd.


                    I must say I am not familiar with the configuration you are assembling, a headless system?  Would you explain simply what it's purpose is?  Do you temporarily use a video card for setup, OS installation, BIOS setting, etc?

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                      It's for a small and simple server. We needed the uATX form factor for the kind of case we're using. As it lives in a data center we need to save as much space and power as we can.

                      And yes, we use a video card for setup but it's useless for us in a production environment.