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    Graphics card wont fit in card case slot

      it may be able to fit in the slot, but it does not fit through the actual case of the computer where it goes through so that the monitor can get plugged in.

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          Javed Lodhi


          Can you clarify the picture more by providing details on the following:


          1. Motherboard you are using (Model ... e.g. DG965WH)

          2. Graphic Card Model (e.g. PCI-X nVidia Go 7600,etc)

          3. Chassis Model (e.g. ATX, ITX, Mini ATX, etc)


          It would help more if you could attach a picture or two of the scenario and we will be able to help you better.



          Nonetheless, all that I have been able to deduce from your description is that you presume that the graphic card might fit into the motherboard however the design of your chassis is such that it won't allow it to seat in the chassis preventing the monitor connectivity.  Whatever may the case be, please clarify so that we are better able to understand your problem and help you.






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          Javed Lodhi



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